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New FPS game in 2017 "CD32 X-men: Mind Games" released!

Happy new year, EAB members (and other retro gamers who see this thread later days)!
Today I released a brand new FPS game for Amiga.
Maybe it was the first one released in 2017 ? (LOL)

This game is "unofficial port" (as fan-game) of legendary unreleased 32X title,
"X-men: Mind Games" which release was canceled in 1996.
Now its dumped assets were reborn as totally new FPS game by Gloom3 engine.
(Exactly it was impossible to "rip" from original 32X rom file
because each resolution was totally different from Gloom3's one.
"eye to hand copy" and "totally edited" techniques were used.
The project starts in May 2015. That's why I took sooo long time.)

Anyway I won't upload the game at aminet since this game is sort of "derivative work", so please download from my web site.

Details,Screenshots and Download: (Read it first!)

Gameplay video:
[ Show youtube player ]

@honx (#4)
Perhaps due to ".htaccess" (to avoid direct link to zip file from other website).
You might have to change your browser's setting...
Don't worry, Zoned anyway. So you can also download there.

@Lemming880 (#5)
Sorry I didn't notice this issue. Thank you very much for tell me this.
My real machine is CD32+Analogic FDD, so I have only DF0.

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