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Originally Posted by rsn8887 View Post
Now tooltypes do not crash Tinylauncher with a guru anymore. But they still only work with a few games. Basically, none of the games that include this weird "DON'T EDIT THE FOLLOWING LINES" tooltype load anymore. If I disable tooltypes it loads all the games again. Who came up with this horrible idea of putting all this junk data into icon tool types and how do I easily get rid of it? Tool types are really the worst idea of the whole Workbench OS IMO.
There are lots of tools to kill Newicons.
Tooltypes isn't a stupid idea at all, but hiding a separate icon inside the tooltypes is definitely.

Originally Posted by rsn8887
Another thing I noticed in my other Classic WB FULL setup booting into DOS and trying to launch slaves with tooltypes by hand: kgiconload gives me a "cannot load segment" (or "failed to load segment" or so, very descriptive) error and bails out on all slaves I tried. Is this a known bug? Is there a workaround?
I don't know what Kgiconload is, but you can launch any game from the command line using "WHDload bla.slave", appending your required arguments.

Originally Posted by rsn8887
Also, it seems the quit key is different in about every WHDLoad game. Why is it not F10 consistently? Can I fix this easily?
It can't really be F10 consistently since F10 is used by many games. The other common alternative, printscreen, makes more sense unless you're on a 600.
The default quit key can be set in your global WHDload preference file. It won't override the quit key set in the tooltypes, but then again, the quitkey should only be set in the tooltypes when it needs to be different than the default.

Originally Posted by rsn8887
I appreciate any of the help I get with this setup. This went from an anticipated 3-4 hours to fiddling for several days and I still cannot get stuff to run reliably like I would like to. My frustration is pretty high at this point and I might just abandon my goal of having a clean and nice complete WHDLoad collection on my handheld.
I don't have thousands of games like you, but I have a very reliable loader: Workbench.
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