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@pat the cat:Not true it is no problem and takes 1 day to simply download the exodos collection which includes all DOS Games from the period preconfigured for dosbox and ready to launch on a single click with screenshots and cover art included.

Alternatively good old games offers many of those games from the time period in easy to install packages.

There are launchers like Attract Mode for Windows which are a breeze to configure and very intuitive to launch >4000 games on Windows with preview videos etc no problem.

@fgh: Concerning AGLaunch, before I go through another day of this pain. Assuming I find those tools to create aglaunch lists and create my aglaunch game list, and assuming that those tools can scan multiple source directories from multiple devices, will the games launched with aglaunch support tooltypes even if there is a "DONT EDIT THE FOLLOWING LINES" ? I doubt it and don't honestly feel like bothering given there is no joystick navigation etc. Honestly, without folders named a-z, I have a hard time believing aglaunch will allow me to easily navigate a list of 3200 games?

Considering arcade game selector 2, has this been released on a aminet or GitHub or anywhere? Is there documentation for it somewhere or at least a list of features?

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