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I did a whole new install of a fresh ClassicWB LITE, and enabled NewIcons.

Now tooltypes do not crash Tinylauncher with a guru anymore. But they still only work with a few games. Basically, none of the games that include this weird "DON'T EDIT THE FOLLOWING LINES" tooltype load anymore. If I disable tooltypes it loads all the games again. Who came up with this horrible idea of putting all this junk data into icon tool types and how do I easily get rid of it? Tool types are really the worst idea of the whole Workbench OS IMO.

Also I saw an error message earlier from Tinylauncher that looked like the AMOS requester. I guess that means Tinylauncher is coded in AMOS? Oh god help us all.

Also it seems like ClassicWB LITE doesn't come with MUI, oh my this is getting worse. I guess that is why it is called "LITE". I think a WB install without MUI is quite useless IMO most of the better programs use it, including iGame which now won't run on this. I guess I will just have to reinstall it myself.

Another thing I noticed in my other Classic WB FULL setup booting into DOS and trying to launch slaves with tooltypes by hand: kgiconload gives me a "cannot load segment" (or "failed to load segment" or so, very descriptive) error and bails out on all slaves I tried. Is this a known bug? Is there a workaround?

My oh my, I somehow thought this stuff was robust after all these , well, decades, but I am finding more bugs everywhere than I can keep track off. Luckily re-booting an Amiga after a total crash is quite fast

Also, it seems the quit key is different in about every WHDLoad game. Why is it not F10 consistently? Can I fix this easily?

I appreciate any of the help I get with this setup. This went from an anticipated 3-4 hours to fiddling for several days and I still cannot get stuff to run reliably like I would like to. My frustration is pretty high at this point and I might just abandon my goal of having a clean and nice complete WHDLoad collection on my handheld.

I feel like I am so close though. I put in a lot of work last week to make uae4all on the vita quite usable now and nice. It seems now it should just be a small matter of installing a nice launcher and everything would be perfect. Turns out that is a much larger endeavour than I anticipated, that's all.

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