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Amiga WHDLoad launchers - what is wrong with them

After trying and trying many launchers with the full WHDLoad collection spread out over three 2GB hdfs, here are my findings. They are quite sombering.


+ It is the only launcher that supports arbitrary multiple sources, different dirs, different devices and merges all those games from all the sources into one long sorted list.
+ It can deal with >3200 games no problem
+ It supports tooltypes during game launch
+ It allows editing of tooltypes (!) and game names
+ Find as you type
- It is a pain to install. It requires a huge bloated full WB Installation with MUI and then some other extra libraries on top, some of which come in multiple, mutually incompatible/crashing versions
- It takes forever to boot up when the game list is large
- No joystick/keyboard control and mouse control is very unwieldy with a long list
- No option to display game folder names. Instead it displays game names like " --- * SpeEdBaLl 2 * ---" (sic) on the top not under S. In addition "SiedlerDE" becomes "The Settlers alt alt" it just keeps adding "alt alt alt alt" to game names
- does not display whd splash (no option for it either)


+ small quick install with minimal system files required
+ boots very quick even with 2000 games in list
+ speedy, small, simple and great navigation with keyboard or mouse even when the list is 2000 games long. Page forward backward, jump to letter etc. all done with joystick as it should be.
+ best launcher so far IMO
+ displays dir names correctly
+ tooltype support but
- tooltype support crashes if you use Classic WB FULL (it works fine with LITE)
- page forward/page back is a bit fast on accelerated Amigas, it is easy to accidentally skip a page

X-Bench (not tested much)

+ allows for multiple lists
+ Find-as-you-type engine
- no support for merging games from multiple source devices


+ Very simple, needs minimal install
+ Nice idea to launch games using AmigaGuide
- No game dir scanning. The games have to be exactly sorted into the right folders A-Z and have to have the correct folder names per game as from KDWHLoad packs. My games are not sorted into such subfolders and I honestly cannot be bothered sorting 3000 games.
- No joystick navigation

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