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Indeed. Some Amiga software IS dependent on type of graphics card.

A standard Amiga cannot display 24 bit graphics, but an Amiga with a 24 bit graphics card can do so.

So the different card types are there for compatibility, for Amiga software that expects a particular card, and will not run without it (or be emulated without an emulated card of that type).

It didn't start that way, the Art Department software from ASDG ran happily on any Amiga, and mapped all graphics operations to a 24 bit buffer... but could only display approximations of the 24 bit data (without a graphics card).

RTG was a way of offering a common standard for 24 bit cards, but not all programmers stuck to the rules... for instance, Newtek, for obvious reasons. ("It's Toaster software, it needs a Toaster attached"). Toasters are not emulated, but there is a lot of people who want to run Toaster software on a PC...

(whisper) Because Lightwave still costs a lot on a PC...
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