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To All,

Regarding Keyboards, patience guys. Still R&D'ing it.
I think it's an understatement saying that this is a challenge!
Nothing near Cases or Keycaps

LED's? Well i would lie saying the Team haven't thought of it but first let us continue the work on keyboard.

Keyboard might not be the next KS campaign anyway as R&D isn't quite done yet. But it will happen rest assured.

In the mean time and if you allow me:
- For those who haven't supported the Keycaps Campaign yet - JUST DO IT!

Let's crush these Strech Goals!

- Another awesome CD ALBUM is to be added after the one from DaXX.
- Believe me when i say DaXX album is pure DOPE!!
Gosh I simply can't stop listening..

Cheers & Happy new year.

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