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It's not necessary to run a cracked version of the game; the disks have no protection. Use images of the original disks and when the copy protection comes up just use the manual.

From the manual:
a) General remarks about the configuration
Do not forget that any program already loaded when the game is
launched will take up memory space; memory space that might be
needed by the Settlers game in order to run properly. We recommend,
therefore, that you do not load other programs into memory if you are
going to use the game. If several programs are automatically loaded
when the computer boots up, use another startup-sequence for The
b) Configuration for 512 KB of Chipram or 1 MB of total
memory only.
If you have 1 MB of Chipram and at least 1.5 MB of RAM total, you
can skip this paragraph. The program uses Chipram memory for the
screens, the animation, the sound effects and the music. If you have
only 512 KB of Chipram, you will have to sacrifice something: you will
hear only part of the sound effects, and no music at all. The sound
effects are loaded based on the available memory. You can increase
the available memory by:
- disconnecting unnecessary disk drives
- not activating the hard disk (if it contains Chipram)
- avoiding to launch other programs
The rest of the available memory is used by the program for the
data, the scenery, and the graphics. In order to use the scenarios with
only 1 MB of memory, we recommend that you reread the points
mentioned above.
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