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I don't think the latest SWOS install by Galahad can be considered a *final* release. There's still plenty of editions that he could try to fix:
  • Beta/Pre-release (cracked by Code Engineers)
  • The One Coverdisk Demo (October '94)
  • Amiga Power Coverdisk Demo (November '94)
  • Amiga Format Coverdisk Demo
  • Sensible World Of Moon Soccer (Amiga Action Coverdisk Demo)
  • The One Demo/Update Disk
  • Amiga Action Demo/Update Disk
  • Amiga Format Demo/Update Disk (I don't have this disk myself, but GAGE reckons it exists)
  • Original Demo/Update Disk (I mean the disk that people could order for directly from Renegade by signing some card or something - I remember reading about this in AP, anyway. Don't know if there's anything about this that's different to the magazine update disks.)

All the coverdisk demos have custom teams and other stuff that probably don't exist in the full games. And SWOMoonS is, as the title suggests, set on the Moon, and features alien-named teams.

(Slighty off-topic: Is Galahad assigned to examine all the Sensi games? He's been involved in the Cannon Fodder and Sensible Golf installs after all.)

According to the SWOS (first release) page at GAGE (click here), the WHDLoad patch should be able to load the Beta/Pre-release edition, but I tried this and it failed dismally to accept it - I receive a "Line 111 Emulation" error or something like that. Does it mean that the patch wants to load a Pre-release version that isn't cracked?

Anyhow, do any of you have several, if not all, versions of Sensible Soccer on you? Here are all the possible releases, according to GAGE:
  • Sensible Soccer v1.0
  • Sensible Soccer v1.1 (Floppy & CD³²)
  • Sensible Soccer International Edition v1.2 (Floppy & CD³²)
  • Sensible World Of Soccer Beta/Pre-release
  • Sensible World Of Soccer v1.0
  • Sensible World Of Soccer v1.1 (Full version)
  • Sensible World Of Soccer v1.1 (Demo/Update Disk)
  • Sensible World Of Soccer '95-'96
  • Sensible World Of Soccer European Edition '96
  • Sensible World Of Soccer '96-'97 (Full version)
  • Sensible World Of Soccer '96-'97 (Update Disks)

Yes, I know that some of these can be found at some Amiga games sites, but I much prefer to examine and play around with a detailed collection in which I know what's what.
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