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I implemented an automatic switch like that in my latest mod of UAE4ALL2 for Vita. It seems to work. I did it like this: if hdf size >1024 * 1024 * 1000 bytes (1GB) use surfaces = 2. If size larger than 2*1024 * 1024 * 1000 (2GB) then use surfaces = 4.

Of course the user can still go in and modify the geometry in the config file manually. But it is a better default than always using surfaces = 1, which, together with the sectors=32,blocksize=512 default setting will never work if the hdf is >1GB.

The only thing that still baffles me is that hdf > 2Gb does not work in UAE4ALL/UAE4Arm, even with surfaces = 4. But in WinUAE it works fine.

I am know using three 2GB hdf's to store the full WHDLoad collection, which should be ok but only works with iGame, since no other menu program allows >2 source directories. I wish I had time to code another menu program, like a super simple stripped down version of Tinylauncher that allows up to 8 source directories to create a combined list.

I wonder if it is possible to combine the tiny launcher database by hand to merge three into one?
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