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Alternatively, just fill the holes with a clear varnish. Let it dry. Mount smaller LEDs underneath the holes.

The only truly transparent plastic that will work on most home 3D printers is natural pure PLA. It tends to delaminate very easily and isn't very good for printing, Tends to grind up extruder gears on the printer too too (very scratch resistant).

Beleive me, I've tried using the stuff.

Vik Oliver did the world a favour in first using PLA as a filament, but without additives, you need a VERY tough extrusion mechanism to make it work. Harder than stainless steel.

With additives, PLA is the easiest filament to print with. The transparent pure stuff is a nightmare. Although the legendary Nophead found one use for it - clearing blockages from nozzles.

You COULD use translucent PLA, if the colours were right. That prints very well, and would let light of a specific colour through the window.

Laser cut perspex is another way. Very accurate. Or polycarbonate. Snag with that approach is, you would have to glue them into place. With a plastic printed part, you could print a lip on the underside for attachment.

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