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CD32 buttons how do they work?

I am trying to implement CD32 support in UAE4All for the Vita. Is there any documentation or a quick explanation someone could give me how the CD32 buttons work? Are they registered as keys?

I see that UAE, at least the version used in UAE4All, has an array of keyboard inputs with various hex-keycodes, and then a few array bits to register joystick 1 and 2 directions and 2 buttons each. How would the cd32 buttons be recognized? Maybe some extra key codes??

EDIT: Ah I see this might be futile. It looks like it would require going in and setting the actual signals on the data lines on the port. WinUAE has 10,000 additional lines of code for all this input including cd32, third mousebutton, etc. whereas UAE4All just sets a few bits in an array representing joystick directions and buttons and that is it. I hoped I could just add a few entries to the array for the additional buttons and add a few lines of code to the UAE part to emulate cd32 buttons and the third mouse button.

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