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Ah now it starts to make sense. Thank you thomas.

I am asking because I am trying to understand why .hdf files >2 Gb don't seem to work in UAE4ALL/UAE4Arm. Even if I enter the geometry correctly, large drives always show up as NDOS. When I try to format them, they show up fine, but anytime I try to copy something over I get some DOS Error. Also when I reset the emu, they go back to showing NDOS.

I haven't even tested 2 GB hdf's fully, but a quick test showed that I can at least copy something to them.

I suspect UAE4ALL is based on some old UAE code that was buggy when dealing with large hdf files.

I compared the cfgfile.cpp routines and there have been a lot of changes comparing UAE4ALL to WinUAE. I hope it is a simple fix to that file that will make 4GB hdf work in UAE4ALL. But so far I couldn't see anything.

If anybody wants to take a look my source repo for UAE4ALL Vita is here:
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