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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
Cylinders are also called Tracks
Yes and no.

Actually it is like this: harddisks are made of several disks, each disk has two surfaces and each surface needs a head to be accessed.

Now the surfaces are devided into tracks and the collection of the same track on all surfaces makes up a cylinder.

For example on a floppy disk, track #5 on the upper side plus track #5 on the lower side make up cylinder #5.

That said, the whole geometry is irrelevant nowadays. All you need to know is

"sectors" = sectors per track
"heads" = tracks per cylinder
sectors * heads = sectors per cylinder
sectors per cyliner * cylinders = total number of sectors
total number of sectors * sectors size = capacity of the harddisk

While geometry is irrelevant, the number of sectors per cylinder still matters because partitions can only be defined on cylinder boundaries.

And if you make a clever selection for the cylinder size you can automatically align partitions for example on megabyte boundaries (which might be useful for SSDs).
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