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My 0.02 cents worth on original Amiga keyboards...

... the A1000 keyboard was manufactured in Japan, and has amazing longevity. From a mechanical engineering viewpoint, it was and remains the best Amiga keyboard. It can even connect to an A600 or A1200 with some modificaction to those machines (FPGA header to the motherboard). The snag with the design is it lacks some keys (around the keypad) which is actually used by some Amiga software developed for later Amigas.

If people are going to sit down and design new keyboards for old machines, or new keyboard interfaces for new keyboards to fit old machines, they should understand which keys are necessary for Amiga software to be fully functional.

BEFORE sharpening their pencil / reaching for their CAD package.

I am very glad that the KS has reached their goal. Now please excuse me, I've got a 3D scanner to finish building.

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