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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
(That didn't help much, didn't it? Someone can try to explain CHS geometry better than me..)
I will try. CHS stands for Cylinders/Heads/Sectors. Cylinders are also called Tracks, Heads and Surfaces are the same.

Hard drives are like big floppies.

On a floppy disk you have 2 Heads, 80 Cylinders, 11 Sectors. On hard drives you have more than 2 heads (usually something like 16), more sectors, and a lot more cylinders. However if we had 1 Head, 160 Cyls, 11 Sec, the floppy disk's size would remain the same.

In modern drives this geometry is hidden and we only see the final size. But AmigaOS still uses these values, so we have to provide some that end up giving the real size.
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