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Most important part: Geometry does not exist, it is virtual. (Except if HD uses older protocol than SCSI or IDE.)

Geometry only defines "internal" size of HDF. It does not affect physical case. The rest is left for driver/filesystem. SCSI/IDE/UAE controllers always use LBA (logical block address = 1:1 addressing that counts number of blocks from start of drive). IDE can also use CHS addressing but it is also virtual.

(That didn't help much, didn't it? Someone can try to explain CHS geometry better than me..)

EDIT: If you change geometry you also change size of whole HDF that driver sees (including making it larger than actual HDF is. Which is not good idea). Filesystem may or may not care about that. Size numbers shown in HDF panel status bar: it shows physical size and logical size (=size calculated from geometry).
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