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I can imagine keyboards could present a lot of difficulties. As pointed out you have several variations, normal layout and A600 (and A1000 layout), motherboard controller with flatflex connection (A600 and A1200 variations), keyboard mounted controller with various connectors/pinouts (A500 SIL with 2 LED signals, external keyboards - (A1000 and/or) A2000/A3000, A4000/CD32, CDTV) not a big deal to wire the correct connectors though), housings for external keyboards, as we know plastic moldings are expensive.

How much demand is there? There are already some spare parts, new membranes for A500 and A600, NOS keyboards for the A1200 have been available in the past but I don't know if there are still any around now, keyboards from dead or towered Amigas etc. The Raspberry Pies and MiST boards with Keyrah V2s in new A1200 shells is unlikely to be a large market unless have more plans in that direction, A1200 Reloaded isn't anything more than an overdue announcement so far and Apollo/Vampire are yet to reveal there stand alone solution(s). It will be very interesting to see what they come up with for the kickstarter, I suspect they will need to have some form of attractive new Amiga system to offer or some other market I haven't thought of if the keyboard production costs are significant.
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