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Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
Actually, A500, CDTV and A2000-3000-4000 use the same keyboard (apart from the casing, obviously), and the only difference to the A1200 is in the membrane; the rest of the mechanism is identical.
I've several of the keyboards sat in front of me at the moment...

The CDTV, A2000/3000 & 4000 I can see being very similar (The A2000 has a different connector into the computer, but that's it iirc), but the A500 has the power/drive light on the PCB which the others don't have, and the A1200 version doesn't have any of the keyboard interface logic on it as it's on the motherboard instead...

With the A600, that's four different versions (Excluding the A1000) unless a modular design can take care of the differences?
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