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Dancing with Bridgeboards

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Hello out there from Bavaria!

Hi out there,

I am a long term Amiga and PC user. Well, I always wanted an Amiga, but my parents decided to buy an XT for me in 1989. So I tuned up this System but one year later, I bought an used A500 from a friend of mine!
In the beginning I had not more than the trapdoor ram and the external A1011 disk drive. Some years later, I bought an Oktagon 508 with an 105 MB Quantum hard disk and 2 mb fastram inside. For a very long time, this was my only Amiga and my main Computer changed to a PC as I started studying 1993.
Around 2008 I got a cheap A2000, the Amiga I always wanted as a child. What should I say, I was absolutely re-infected by the Amiga Virus!!
Now I own a lot of them and I enjoy the Bridgeboards of Commodore or Vortex and the other Hardware Emulators.
Maybe, someone here knows me from other Forums like AmiBay and
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