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Originally Posted by FOL View Post
Theres atleast three different HDD craddles on the A1200.
Hi FOL, Hi Guys,

Thanks for the update on the caddy issue.
It seems in the Team we only had two different models out of the many we tried and I do personally have two different caddies as well.
Then all we've met were matching the two we had...

There is no other explanations i could think of right now.

So it seems that those of you who have the higher caddy model will not be able to use it with our case and we're sorry about that.

I'll personally see with engineers what may/can be done to fix that issue on next batch of cases.
If not i guess we'll need to think of some sort of Enhanced "HD/SD adapter/CD Adapter/SSD" caddies anytime for easing installation of modern mass storage devices having a lower height.


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