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Originally Posted by Mr.Flibble View Post
Yeah, new keyboards from scratch isn't going to be cheap...

There's what, four or five different keyboard types for the amiga?

A1500/2000 (CDTV?)

Not sure if the A1000 is the same as the A2000 type or not off the top of my head? (Connections etc)
Actually, A500, CDTV and A2000-3000-4000 use the same keyboard (apart from the casing, obviously), and the only difference to the A1200 is in the membrane; the rest of the mechanism is identical.
That leaves the A600 and A1000 out, but the A1000 can use A2000 keyboards as well with the correct cable.

When looking at the amount of components in a keyboard mechanism, you might think that its manufacture is expensive, but I'd guess that the big cost is in mounting all those components, most of which are actually identical and thus can be mass produced. If sold as a kit, the manufacturing costs should not be that high.
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