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Originally Posted by b00mer View Post
Installed the latest 3.4.0 release, added Blizzard 1230 IV ROM, did a Quickstart configuration A1200 + Blizzard 1230 IV, checked that accelerator memory has 32 MB set in Expansions, set HDF manually and launched WinUAE.

There is no FAST RAM configured. Is this normal? I can add Z2 FAST in RAM configuration but I doubt this is truly necessary, since 4 banks of 8 MB is less of how much Blizzard accelerator supports.
Confirmed. It was caused by (old) bug in Blizzard quickstarts, it didn't clear 24-bit addressing mode (unless JIT mode) which new autoconfig/fallback support code detected as Blizzard being in 68020 fallback mode, which disables autoconfig.

UPDATE: The non-updatable region can be anywhere, not only at the bottom. The cause is dragging Properties window. The non-updatable region is the region that was obstructed by the Properties window before it was closed. I am on Win7 with a classic look and visual effects adjusted for best performance, if this makes a difference.
Do you mean window behind the WinUAE GUI is not updated? (That is guaranteed not WinUAE related)
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