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Hi guys,

I stumbled across this thread about our Moon Child demo version. In some way it's an honor we managed to give a hard time to one of the best Amiga emulators around. 😉

I assume this issue has been resolved, as a mention of Moon Child was included in a recent release?

Sadly, the full game was never finished for the Amiga. We had to move over to Windows in the mid-1990s, because the publisher who paid our development demanded it, and prospects for the Amiga were sombre after Commodore went broke.

The full Moon Child was released for Windows though, on CD-ROM, with CD audio tracks by our musician Ramon Braumuller. Later, MC was also released for iOS for free, but by now it has become outdated iOS-wise.

Our predecessor to Moon Child Hoi is available for free though, both the original 2-disk version as well as the improved AGA version with Workbench shell. You can easily find that as a download.

Best regards,

Metin Seven
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