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Originally Posted by puppypc View Post
The Rapidroad is for sale on Jens's personal website:

It's a little pricey, but it's the price of adding USB ports to such old hardware!

What exactly do you want to do? Is there a reason why you can't just use a CF or SD card, or network transfer?
Thanks for the reply.
Basically its for file transfer between PC and Amiga. I have an eidie to compact flash adaptor in my towered A1200 but getting a removable CF or SD solution into the A1200 desktop is proving problematic. Yes I can get an internal solution but that would mean me opening the case every time I want to add a new file. Not fun.

I used to have a null modem connection when the PC and Amigas where in the same room, now they arn't I'm rather stuck.

I'm not sure what network solutions are available (other than one I'll come to in a second). It would have to be wireless as the Amigas are upstairs and the router is downstairs. I seem to remember that the A1200 had some kind of reset bug in its PCMCIA slot that stops a lot of cards working.

There has been success getting the Amiga and Raspberry Pi talking to each other via a null modem rs232 cable but this is limited to 19200 (BPS/KBPS? not sure) by the Amiga's serial port I think. There is also a problem with the PI 3B (which is the model I have) as the UART is now used for the bluetooth and has been removed from the GPIO pins, you can get it back but but it is a huge faf and then you loose wifi (?not sure on the last part) which is the whole point of doing this for me. I did see a Youtube video where a usb to rs232 adaptor had been used but the poster mentioned that some of these just don't work with a PI/Amiga combination.

So all in all I need some advice.

Has anyone managed to get their amiga online using a PI?
Has anyone seen a CF or SD adaptor I could use to mount the card externally and nicely (so no dangling wires please) in an A1200 desktop.

And if anyone has any other ideas.

While I'm about it a belated Seasons Greetings to you all.

Sorry forgot to mention the A1200 desktop is currently stock only, no memory or accelerator card installed. I thought about waiting for the Vampire but the latest specs I saw suggested that the devs might be going the wrong way, Why a 68060 and not a 68040 like the A500 and A600 versions, why a GPU - is there any sw that can use it? And the guessed (?) price point. I thought the idea was to keep the price low so as to compete with the available 68030 cards, ho hum.

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