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Thanks a lot!

Is RTG support in a game speciffically needed to view content through the HDMI with a Vampire? To the best of my knowledge (and please someone correct me if I'm wrong) RTG support is for the non standard Amiga resolutions, not having to do with HDMI per se.

Now if the question is if we intend to make games that will support more resolutions or colors (hense the need for RTG) I'd say we are surely interested.

Other than that (and I'm happy that Vampire is mentioned here) we're seriously considering adding to Alarcity advanced options that will allow the player to pump up a few visual aspects of the game (if the required horsepower is there). In this case, accelerator users could get a nice treat for their hardware.

But this is a milestone for a much later day. The main goal for now is to make the game as good as it gets with the vanilla configurations in mind.
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