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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Better set both of them to none so that they don't override anything in Input panel. (Keyboard layouts are fine but anything else should be set to none because if both GamePorts and Input panel map to same event, GamePorts panel wins. This is by design.)

.. = map the rest too. Y = Joy1 Vertical, Joy1 Fire and so on..

Use Test-button to find the correct mouse. (This is side-effect of using rawinput, same device can appear multiple times)

Horizontal and Vertical is usually better option, this way joystick works like real joystick, can't activate both left and right or up and down at the same time.

Up/down/left/right are meant to be used when mapping keys or buttons to joystick.

Two example mapping screenshots attached.
OK, now we're getting somewhere!

So to clarify, I dont have gamepads or joysticks. It's a keyboard encoder for an arcade cabinet. So it's essentially a keyboard.

Joystick #1 = Keyboard Up, Down, Left, Right, A

Joystick #2 = Keyboard N, Q, M, O, G

Is it possible to do what you're saying, using only keyboard mappings for the Amiga Joysticks and a real Mouse for the Amiga Mouse?
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