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OK, so here's what I'm trying and where I'm getting confused...

1. Set Game Ports to :
- Port 1: Windows Mouse
- Port 2: Keyboard Layout (Custom)

2. Inputs
Configuration #1 (enabled)
- Select HID-compliant mouse (2)
- this is the one being recognized with Test button

Then what...

"Map it to mouse port. (X Axis = Joy1 Horizontal..)"

1. Do I use HID-compliant mouse (2) selected for this?
Or do I select HID Keyboard Device?

2. (X Axis = Joy1 Horizontal..)
I don't see a Joy1 Horizontal option anywhere, under any compliant device
Additionally, isn't an Axis bi-directional? Wouldn't I want to map left and right... up and down?

Same question for Mouse mapping... Aren't axis bi-directional?
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