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Just finished watching this...worth waiting five years FOR? .....In all honesty .....YES....I've loved the style and editing acumen Zachary Weddington has excused within the film's presentation and insight. The flow works very well and although some of it content has being covered since, this doesn't matter, it's about the Amiga and this film truly champions this throughout the entire film. I was sorry not to see the Cyber Babe model make appearance within the film as Zach so wanted in this included...

The only qem for me was no coverage of what is a huge clunk of the Amiga community the "Demo Scene" a real missed opportunity here or enough insight with Pacific software that made the Amiga mind blowing. .Newtek was great, but should have had more company profiles included, it's no biggie though, you won't really notice the time flying by..and last but not least the Duration of the film...1hr? Really? How did this happen? Generally any documentaries I've ever seen are normally 1hr 30 mins or greater? It was all over way to soon for soon...made me sad...hopefully the extras due will help ease the pain.

If you love the old school stuff and computers regardless what you owned this is well worth getting , it's another archived slice of computer history everyone should see and own..if not only to see my name in the credits at the end.☺

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