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Originally Posted by AmigaBill View Post
Thanks so much guys, this is awesome! I love Lemmings. So basically these are additional expansions that were never released for Amiga? I do remember Oh No! More Lemmings, but I guess there were more levels added after that that were not on Amiga? Man, so much dust in my brain! Thanks for all your efforts. Brilliant work.
No official packs were ever done, user created levels are available for PC via custom level players and editors, these levels aren't from those.

The Sega Megadrive version created after the Amiga one by Sunsoft in Japan has 90 levels unique from the Amiga one, it also has 70-80 Amiga levels included, but because it couldn't handle the large levels from the Amiga they had to create smaller levels, hence these 90 new levels.

Because of the way Lemmings is made up 80 levels +40 duplicates =120 levels, I couldn't include all 90, so I have included 80 levels and the other 40 are duplicates of those with new skills, names and times etc
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