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I just watched this on Hulu. To be honest, after all the buildup, I was quite disappointed with it. Now I'm even more glad that I didn't back it.

The comments about not enough information are spot on. The time wasted on the current demo scene and chiptune parties would have been much better spent on the rest of the content.

They bragged about all the interviews they had done. Maybe they did but what made it into the movie was mostly just fluff. Not much information at all.

After having watched both, I'd definitely recommend people watch Bedrooms instead. Much more information. I'd hate to have backed this only to have so much of the money raised spent on 3D work that isn't very good (the models for the computers look terrible) and is just time wasting, useless eye candy.

TL;DR If you can watch it free on Hulu or somewhere else, fine. Otherwise, spending money on it would be disappointing IMO.
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