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so i just compiled switcher from the openvideotoaster source (HowTo):
8.Work-HD:0000/toastersrc/switcher> ls -l EXE/toaster/
-----rwed   16-12-22 21:04:18    0      Dir Switcher_Support
-----rwed   16-12-22 21:01:07 1197   612800 Switcher.main
-----rwed   16-12-22 21:03:26 1125   575800 Switcher.main.3.0
-----rwed   16-12-22 21:03:20 3038  1555456 Switcher.main.AA
-----rwed   16-12-22 21:03:28   56    28508 VideoToaster
-----rwed   16-12-22 21:03:29  146    74492 VideoToaster.AA
Dirs:1    Files:5    Blocks:5562  Bytes:2847056
all tools taken from OVT iso: makefile checkout using cvs (RBAT), date was missing, strip missing
and replaced with stripCR - some assigns and setenv. copy commands in makefile need to replace $ with $@
compiled with smake -f makefile.
thats it
lets see what will happen with TOASTERLESS

#1) World Premiere - Toasterless compile - wow, this is incredible
#2) i can use f-keys and number keys to switch inputs, mouse pointer is invisble but working.
==> switch Winuae -> Chipset to NTSC and the mousepointer is visible.
have to install the full toaster package now
#3) almost there - need some more investigation - aka snoopdos.
#4) hehe, is this cool ?! the effect slider works, when you push space - or hold right mouse button
#5) excellent stuff - even Lightwave works.
#6) in main screen push BackSpace - here you can navigate to the effects
and add them to the main area (drag & drop) - next push [save] to save the settings.
#7) when you encounter some black-only wipes/effects -enable in winuae config:
Chipset -> genlock -> test card or noise (10-20% transparency) - and you will see the effect.

never thought this will be possible

zoned: OpenVideoToaster-Toasterless-BINs.lha
- not exaclty sure about all binaries but this does work:
- in vt 4.3 installation -> replace in Programs/ VideoToaster and Switcher.main.AA
(probably you can copy all files ( exe/toaster/ ) into the Toaster:Programs folder)
- and replace the files in Switcher_Support folder
- once started push Help key twice, navigate to [Programs] and select Paint CG Chroma or Lightwave

*have phun*
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