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Just straying slightly off-topic, but reckon here's as good a place as any for it! I was glancing at the current "GAMES-TM" issue available here,(Supposedly an Oz version-probably just the game release & prices are probably the only differences), & in the "Retro" section saw an article about System 3,(With their C64 hits),& an interview with Mark Cale about System 3/Studio 3's history & current work on Last Ninja 4.

Now I was a huge fan of the System 3/C64 games,but I had a real hard time reading the so-called interview. I'm not sure what made worse reading, the obviously ignorant twit of an interviewer or Mark Cale! Basically you're left with the impression Mark Cale was personally responsible for virtually all of their greatest releases,(International Karate Last Ninja series,Myth, IK+,Vendetta, Turbocharge etc.),with very scant mention made of any of the true geniuses involved,(eg:Archer Maclean, John Twiddy,Mev Dinc,Hugh Riley,Peter Baron Bob Stevenson, Chris Butler etc just to name a few!). From memory,I think only Archer Maclean,Rob Hubbard & the musician for LN3 got any mentions at all. Apart from a brief mention of getting "most of the original team", together for Last Ninja 4 you'd almost be left wit the impression Mark Cale was a one-man band for all those C64 classics! Give credit to the real creators Mark Cale!
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