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Dear Backers and Amigans,

Let me share with you our latest update available on case campaign update page.

Latest update on Cases Shipping and Keycaps campaign:
► Cases packing are in progress.
-> You can follow both your case(s) Packing & Shipping Statuses within the Reward Management Interface. (RMI)

► Sadly we're suffering from STRIKES currently ongoing in UK (Packing & shipping is made from UK)

► Even shipping is delayed because of the STRIKES, we still managed to ship some parcels through earlier this week.. so some of you might receive their cases between now and new year eve.

Team and our Manufacturer are really sorry about these events.
Sadly there isn't much we can do about these, and of course we're continue packing parcels until we can ship them out.

A NEW Photo Album of Case campaign Bonuses for our awesome backers has been posted on A1200.NET Facebook page.

And last but not the least:
The GHOST Edition Keycaps has been added to the Amiga Keycaps Kickstarter campaign

- Please bear the STRIKES with us and if you haven't done yet:
--> Do not forget to support the Keycaps campaign.

Many thank to all of you for your patience, and should you have ANY question do not hesitate to message either here in comments or directly through our FB page or website.

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