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Originally Posted by Solo Kazuki View Post
Is there normal (not HDF) version somewhere? I have some WVII eng. version, but it's bug on the bug version.
I can't really comment on the previous .HDF that Neil79 was using (as I never tried it) or the bugs...

I used the following disks to install this:

... Whale's Voyage II (1995)(neo)(DE)(Disk 1 of 6)[tr en].adf [CRC: 676D48FB]
... Whale's Voyage II (1995)(neo)(DE)(Disk 2 of 6)[tr en].adf [CRC: 9B9784B7]
... Whale's Voyage II (1995)(neo)(DE)(Disk 3 of 6)[tr en].adf [CRC: 01EDF910]
... Whale's Voyage II (1995)(neo)(DE)(Disk 4 of 6)[tr en].adf [CRC: 6181A4CF]
... Whale's Voyage II (1995)(neo)(DE)(Disk 5 of 6)[tr en].adf [CRC: E65E21A0]
... Whale's Voyage II (1995)(neo)(DE)(Disk 6 of 6)[tr en].adf [CRC: F9FCABF0]

With the .HDF that I created, Workbench is not installed... It only contains the files needed for the game to work (installed game files + C/Assign + Libs/mathieeedoubbas.library).

Just a guess here, maybe it's due to the version of "SetPatch" on your hard drive? There isn't one on my .HDF...

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