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Just uploaded what should be the "final" version of HOTA CD32 (will officially launch via in a couple of days if no one has any issues with it).

- The promised secret update, which is "The Lost Level" of Another World has been added (context as to what this is:
- 'Out of this World' has been replaced with the Delphine collection edition of Another World. OOTW had a crash near the end of my last attempted play through, hopefully the Delphine edition (which is an "official" copy protection crack) will be more reliable.
(I do realise that means that there's a mismatch between the menu screen and the title screen, but oh well)

- Audio from the start, middle and end cutscenes has been stretched to properly align with the rate that the CD32 plays it back. Note that it isn't "perfect" sounding, but it's certainly great to have the effects aligning with the action.
- Edited the menu so that "The Lost Level" is the middle option between OOTW and HOTA!8YI2xC5a!Psicljc46...bJXhbAQ6dLa-ao
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