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After renaming default.geo so WinUAE doesn't use it…

Run WinUAE, load config, double-click IMG in list of drives (CD & Hard drives). The geometry shown is Surfaces 51, Sectors 109, Block size 1024, as given in the config file.

Click "..." to right of Path box, click Cancel to dismiss the file dialog.

Now the geometry shown is Surfaces 1, Sectors 32, Block size 512 and this text appears:
79563/1/32, 2546016/2546022 blocks, 1243.2MB/1243.2MB
DOS............ [444F5301 00000000 00000000 00000000] [Too many cyls]

So even though the HDF wasn't changed (file dialog cancelled), WinUAE resets the specified-in-config-file geometry to its default one.
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