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Originally Posted by Cobe View Post
To avoid editing you could've write

Assign OnEscapee: ""
Assign OnEsaves: OnEscapee:SaveGame

"" assigns to the folder where from the script was started
Cheers Cobe, good to know; but am not going to change things now... Can't go through another 4+ hours of LHA'ing

In terms of using a different extraction path then a slight change to 2 x assigns, I think that what I've written is very quick / easy for everyone.

@AmigaBill; tested in WinUAE with having: DH0 + DH1 + DH2. Extracted the archive to "DH2:Games" (so really "DH2:Games/onEscapee"), edited the "DH2:Games/onEscapee/onEscapee" file exactly as mentioned and all working perfectly. So you shouldn't have an issue
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