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Originally posted by Shatterhand
I have only played a HOI demo in a The One's Coverdisk, and I really enjoy playing it. I remember it was a very long level, I even thought it was actually a full game! I also remember it was extremely hard, but very enjoyable.
Thanks man! If you play the Hoi AGA Remix with the unlimited lives option on, then prepare for an adventure, with 4 huge levels and one wacky psychedelic finale.

Clockwiser is a game I really love. Since the first time I saw the intro of that game I instantly fell in love.
That really warms my heart. I animated that intro and wanted to try giving personalities to simple shapes like a cube. Ahh, those good ol' DPaint days. Nowadays I'm a real Max fan. Did you know that DPaint's Daniel Silva was one of the base creators of 3D Studio?
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