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Amen too

Feel free to describe those *&^%$#@ criminals in any colourful language you like

Forgot to say that in that time even telephone costs could be simply prohibitive to reach the guys. You are spending hundreds of dollars just to get hold on some lowlife scum, who obviously doesn't want to speak with you - but if you are younger you may believe for a while he is really just very busy...
After a few phonebills and making even more cost for yourself or your team you stop calling that scum.
While folks from the US may find this strange in Europe phone prices were/are (some places) normally high, only recent ip telephony and liberating the markets made the prices drop.
So that time you could easily pay many dollars per minute for international calls, plus connection fee normally 1 minute. Even just to hear a monkey machine taking the phone a few times did cost $$$.

I think this is the case for the guys from Slovakia, int calls are probably still the same price there.

I guess Metin can comment on this aspect as well
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