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By providing short descriptions and screenshots of the games, your site is already better than 99% of all this 'l33ch 100000 R0MZ' shit you normally find on the net A few suggestions:

Please change the link colour! This standard blue is really hard to read on black.

Remove the link borders around the buttons in the left frame. They're useless, because it's obvious this is the menu.

Some screenshots don't look right (e.g. A320 Airbus). Try keeping the original aspect ratio.

All screenshots are kind of small. Why not put them up in their original size (usually 320x256 or 320x200)?

JPG is a very poor format for screenshots, because it makes them all blurry. Better use PNG or GIF. That will also makes the files smaller.

Other than that, I don't have any problem with this design. It might not be the prettiest, but it's functional - that's enough for me.

As for getting hits, I'm running a webring / search engine dedicated to classic computer games of all systems at (hint.... ) which you could submit your site to. You should be able to find a lot more similar big linkpages from there in addition, too.
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