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Originally posted by IFW
Actually if you just refer to Metin who is not from a poor country at all, but instead simply faced the "temptation problem" coming from a different legal area than their publishers... They used to work on for many years until giving up in a hope that at least once they get paid. Afair the only financial success they could account in this sense was getting monthly payment for some game towards the end.
The last thing that dies is hope
Amen bro. Never give up hope and never lose the faith in yourself.

About the issue: imagine three guys of 19 years old, total Amiga freaks having a truly fun time developing a game, believing they are creating a classic and believing they are at the start of a glorious game developers career. One day the shit hits the fan and before they realize the publisher is actually a son of a *&^%$#@ that publisher has already made his money with the game. We were in no position at all to start an international legal fight with a US company in California, in a Californian court of law and in front of a Californian judge. We may not live in a poor country, but we did not receive any money while creating Hoi and still lived with our parents.

So when shortly after the drama the AGA Amigas came out, we decided to release a special Hoi AGA Remix to the public for free and start creating Clockwiser. We didn't think that the drama would repeat itself, but it did.

All in all, we did truly enjoy Hoi's and Clockwiser's success around the world, reading positive to raving reviews in magazines around the world. That part of the game was an unforgettable delight and really supported our belief in ourselves. That part has actually been worth more than any money from the publisher, because it formed our self-esteem as it is now.


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