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Note: didn't read the whole thread (boooooring!), so maybe this has been said already. If yes, just add me to the contesting voices.

Babylonian Twins. It's a nice game with some interesting playability but it's not special enough to be worth any money now-a-days. This should have been released for free for the Amiga while the Android/iOS version would be paid. It would:

1) Appease the Amiga community, making the game creators and the publishers well liked people.

2) Serve as publicity/advertisement to the Android/iOS/Windows/PS4/Whatever paid versions of the game.

3) Allow a game that was envisioned, projected, nurtured and composed in the 1990's for the Amiga to finally reach its destination instead of remaining in developer's lingo.

As it stands, they achieved:

1) No respect from the Amiga community. Even if they back-track now, people will always be weary of them in future endeavours (if there ever are any).

2) No Amiga release means that most (if not all) of the Amiga community will have no interest in purchasing the Android/iOS/whatever versions of the game.

3) The Amiga game remains unrealeased and will, probably, fall into total oblivion (instead of being fondly remembered).

This is the wrong way of doing this sort of thing. Look at what System 3 did with Putty Squad! That's the right way to go. They gave the Amiga what was owed and - almost in synchronic symbiosis - most amigans bought the Android/iOS version of the game. Final result: everyone won.

With Babylonian? Everyone lost.
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