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Originally Posted by desiv View Post
I'm not sure that's what "ransom" actually means..

It's theirs. They have the right to do what they want with it...
Is the store holding my Cookie Crisp for ransom because I have to pay for it? ;-)
Ok, how about a digital example; is Netflix holding those movies for ransom because I need to pay for a subscription to watch them? That's silly..

Would it be awesome if they released it for free? Of course,

But we're not "entitled" to get it from them for free...

It was ransom as well as calculated deceitful marketing.

They withheld both physical and real copies of the game from the Amiga community AFTER a full version was found with OUR help so they also OWE US BIG TIME.

Netflix have never not released something they own. So it is ransom in a way because they have the one and only possible source of a physical copy.

After their mobile release had been raped by the crackers (you can still download the full version within two clicks of a google search even today) they saw that releasing it for a few bucks as an ADF would have made them far more money. Guess they tested the water (and the website to sell it through could have been produced in a day with some paypal button code and response email with fixed attachment tools paypal freely distributed at the time).

What annoys me is the ENTIRE debacle was simply an exercise in politician quality lies and bullshit to try and get a few extra sales.

People in flip-flops from desert lands can also be assholes whether their country has an illegal British/American war raged on it or not.

They obviously realised they fucked it up both times and people individually have far more games to discover in the Amiga TOSEC for free than pay for this technically underwhelming bod standard 'no parallax' type Amiga release.

The guys are total douche bags end of story, pointy shoes or Addidas or flip-flops makes no difference, manipulative greedy scum comes in many colours and styles too.
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