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Originally Posted by JZon View Post
I'm trying to use XnView to convert to iff.
xnview has two *.iff formats, one is amiga, second Maya ( 3d package).
in the save dialog choose Amiga iff - it does work here. using 2.39

default it will save as 24 bit iff, you can/have to reduce the colors with Image -> Reduce Colors. to maybe 32, 256. i think at least DPaint 5 can read 256 color iff images.

once reduced the colors to 256 or less, you can edit the Palette and make the background transparent or give an alternative color. (Image --> Edit Palette)

when using the color reduction , test the "libImageQuant" option - gives very good results

Originally Posted by JZon View Post
So, I managed to somehow double click it and it opened in a stock WorkBench program, complete with Save. Saved it, and now DPaint V opens image!
- i think this was Sys:Utilities/Multiview - ah yes, name can be seen in your image above - it is a universal image/document viewer, using those Datatypes (Devs:datatypes)

- too bad there is no gui with Image2Icon, but yes, it is doing a good job.
but to make an Icon with clicked/unclicked image, you need to open the images with a icon-editor,
no clue what is best to use for that purpose. the default iconedit only handles 16 color images and limit size of the icons. dunno yet

--> you can install swazinfo, extended information tool, here you can change the icon images, by loading images into it.
so while looking at a icon information, look at the menu , you find IconImages -> Load/save Image and toogle select/deselect.

- Toolmanager, I've attached my config here. put the Toolmanager.prefs file into ENVARC: aka sys:Prefs/Env-Archive/
this way it will be easier to start with.
--> in the Toolmanager prefs tool, you will see some tabs, Exec defines the programs, Image will defines the icons for the programs - double-click on an entry and you can edit it.
in the Dock tab you can edit the position of the toolbar - but recently the program crashes here. cannot say what causes this.

- FileWatcherSimple: not sure what you want achieve here. never heard of that tool
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