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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Heya AmigaBill,

Welcome to EAB

Technically speaking; "onEscapee" isn't a port as such... It's an "Amiga CD" game so can be run from an Amiga with a CD-ROM drive.

All I did was:

... Create a .HDF in WinUAE.
... Copy all required data from the disc to a directory on the .HDF.
... Work out how the game is started; make some assigns so that the original disc isn't required any more.
... Add in the English "Readme" file (reformatted to fit on screen) via PPMore.
... Download / add in the trainer.
... Setup the S/Startup-Sequence.
... etc.

I was going to make an .LHA file that anyone could extract on their real Amiga hard drive but got stuck with one part...

If you would find this useful I can have another attempt?
Thanks for the warm welcome DamienD! It is great to be here. I have dropped by in the past but never actually signed up until recently thanks to the awesome Indie Retro News posting links to threads here. I will certainly try to participate more. I would absolutely love it if you make an .LHA file, however you have done so much work already, please don't do it just for me. I love emulation, but nothing beats using the real thing. Now that I understand your workflow I can probably piece it together. Although it sounds like that won't be as difficult as actually playing the game. Amiga difficulty!!! Kids today have it so easy, we were trained properly Thanks and great job once again
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