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New problems

I'm trying to use XnView to convert to iff. It doesn't save anything. I go through the motions, save as.., file.iff (Amiga iff), it warns of metadata loss, OK, then it gives me a ghosted prompt with options like dithering, etc, OK, then, no file shows up. So, I uninstalled (AdvUninstallPro), checked for most recent version online, 2.39, reinstalled, and it saved to iff once, like normal going through the motions.. After that, it stops saving???

The gimp uses a plugin to save as iff. But these images are coming out distorted.

The XnView iff save, I managed to make, couldn't be read by neither DPaint 4 nor 5. (4 called it a mangled iff)

I managed to get image to icon to work on one of my previous iff's. Cool converter! (Now if I can only get the new DPaint V logo svg to convert to iff)

Tool manager is neat. The other software title's instructions were specific, but didn't have any example codes for me to work from.

K. Going back in to check out Image Magick and Konverter for iff capabilities. (Just need a way to give image to icon a working iff of the DPaint5 logo)

Standby... ... ...
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