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Thanks for the links!

(Checking out now)

Yes, it was more like a cameo.

I found an icon editor, Junior Icon Editor, that does a better job than gimp.

I did a zoomed in comparison of full sized taskbar icons (Win8). It's definitely not svg! lol ...

Click image for larger version

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I'm seeing a little improvement. Also tried Image Magick. It too makes a better icon from svg. Also seeing a lot of online conversion sites. And a lot of trial version converters. (Inadvertently tried Icon Lover, or something like that. It's svg to ico conversion was best as it didn't deform the shape. Turns out 64 x 64 is the size Junior Icon Editor is using. (probably does others too)

That distortion looked like a common area where my svg's can be 'off'. I rechecked this area. It looks good here. Not sure how it came out with those lines. (Will have to recreate your setup here) (Standby...)

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