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ah yes, 1941 - what a crazy movie, with all those cool actor, belushi, candy, aykroyd
the scene with that dude i remember too, but i cannot find his real name.
and i have to watch wargames again - must be a short appearance , cannot recall.
and yes, it's the one in the center

the image attached is my amiga setup - toolmanager bar- again converted the svg at website , resized to 32x32, which is the current size of all other images in that bar- looks good to me

i can remember those animated backgrounds on windows desktops, what once sort of a hype - maybe still - was not my kind of thing - well depends on the theme

hmm, have to look for a windows ico to amiga .info converter.

#1) here are some converter listed:
Deark - reads amiga icons only
xnview - NConvert can read amiga icons only :/

#2) maybe easier to have an amiga tool, that saves icons from png or some hi-color iff file.
no clue what one uses to create them.

#2a) not really easy, since i cannot find something that works. tested PicIcon, but this doesnt work as expected.
does one know how to convert an iff image to icon?

#2b) image2icon does work. it does some scaling, i guess to max icon values.
result a bit distorted, but ok.
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