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Classic hardware and Upgrades VS Vampire

So, this is a very subjective ...subject

I happened to find an A4000 Desktop for sale, and its really a machine I dreamt of owning back in my youth. Today I have A1200 (which will be Vampirized in 2017 I hope), and I already have V600.
The advantage I see from an A4000 is the expandability with the zorro slots (or mediator). I do NOT see myself expanding an A4000 with classic 060 or PPC, nor classic graphics cards. I might consider upgrading with a sound/music card;
Delfina or Prisma for example. Also Rapidroad USB would be intresting. Also IF a Vampire was developed for the A4000, it would be a great machine/box.

But then I start thinking about; Why bother with A4000 if I get a V1200? Harddrive access speeds is kinda crippling on the V600 at the moment, so that would be a nice change IF I got A4000.
Then the question becomes, since Im fully into the Vampire camp, and I WILL get a V1200 and Standalone Vampire, will there be much reason to get A4000 beyond the novelty of owning REAL classic hardware.
Will there be enough performance based arguments to justify it when you have the Vampire in the background?

I guess the BIG issue for me at the moment with regards to Amiga usage is; Harddisk speed and Internet download.

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